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My Story

A decade ago I had a successful 35 year career in the corporate world. I worked long hours, travelled a lot on business and was on the fast track to a heart attack or a stroke.

Then one day I was told my services were no longer required. It was a heavy blow and it hit me hard. I was numb, lost, depressed and very sad. Everything and everyone that I knew was connected to my career, and in an instant my world as I knew it was no more.

Without really knowing it, this was when I began my journey to find my passion.

Through Reiki and Chakra Balancing education, meditation and self love I discovered my true passion. I am now a certified Reiki Master and Teacher both online and in person. I am also a Chakra Balancing specialist and teacher; along with my leadership and project management skills from the corporate world. My passion is to help you begin your journey in retirement to find your passion.


I look forward to working together with you on your journey.




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